April 3, 2024- Boats are beginning to be delivered.  Please remember the storage companies are not responsible for getting your new Woodcliff Stickers on, you are.  Before you can hit the water to recreate, you must have your new Woodcliff sticker on, and make sure your Nebraska State Registration is current and your registration numbers are complete and visible.  Make sure your lot numbers are on and in the proper location.  This will prevent a "negative experience" with Security, and we will both be happy.


April 2,2024- There have recently been complaints about loud motorcycles in the Railroad trails and Platte Shore Drive.  "Dirt Bikes" are not allowed in Woodcliff.  "Mini-Bikes with wheel diameters less then 12 1/2 inches are allowed.  We also have a decibel level rule, and the Mini-Bikes must comply with this rule as well.  Any violations of these rules will be cited.  I will also remind you that ATVs and UTVs must comply with the decibel level as well, so if you are running around with the "baffles" out of your muffler, or with "racing pipes" you are in violation as well.  GET THEM LEGAL AND KEEP THEM LEGAL!!!!


March 29, 2024-  The BOATING SAFETY COURSE will be on Saturday, May 11th, at the Woodcliff Community Center from 9am until 3pm.  $10.00 Fee, bring a lunch or snack and drink.  Remember, anyone born after December 31, 1985, MUST HAVE THIS COURSE TO OPERATE A WATERCRAFT IN NEBRASKA.


March 9,2024 - The lake is full, and the headgates are closed.  The NO WAKE buoys are not placed yet, but that does not mean you can violate the NO WAKE areas, you all know where they are.

Security Updates

Security Update
Summer 2024

Another summer is upon us and soon there will be the buzz of jet skis and wake board boats.  This is a great time to take the time to review the Rules with your families and guests, and ensure they are familiar with them before hitting the roads or water.  Just to hit the high points as far as reminders go,  the speed limits and stop signs MUST be obeyed by all forms of vehicles, to include golf carts, ATVs, and UTVs.  Being in a golf cart does not exclude you from stopping at the stop signs, and yielding to oncoming traffic.  The speed limit on Twin Lakes Drive is 10 MPH.  It is the narrowest road in Woodcliff, and has the Splash Pad and Playground to complicate it even further.  SLOW DOWN OR FACE THE COSEQUENCES!!  I can guarantee you, if you hit a child while speeding on Twin Lakes Drive you will not be facing a lakes citation, you will be facing State Criminal Charges.  The speed limit on the exterior roads is 25 mph, Cedar Lane and the commercial section of North Lake Shore Drive is 15 mph, and all other interior roads are 10 mph.  These are maximum speeds, when it is busy with golf carts and ATVs and people walking you should be slowing down.  
When you hit the water make sure there is NO GLASS on the boats.  Obey the NO WAKE zones, and if you are going to “slow cruise”  don't do it in the ski channel.  You must be 14 years of age to operate a watercraft, and anyone born after December 31, 1985 must hold a Boating Safety card, and have it in possession while operating.  Anyone under the age of 13 must be wearing a PFD while underway.  There must be a PFD available for every person on your watercraft.  PFDs must be worn while operating a jet ski, and the engine kill lanyard must be attached to you while operating a jet ski.  Towables are not allowed, and those marketed as “training skis” but use inflatable platforms are in fact towables and NOT training skis, and are not allowed.  Make sure your watercraft has current State of Nebraska registration, Woodcliff decals, and lot numbers, in CONTRASTING COLORS!!!  DO NOT PUT WHITE NUMBERS ON A WHITE BOAT!!!!  The letters and numbers must be visible from a distance.  
Thats covers the high points, and Security will be out there to “remind” you of these and all of the other rules and laws.  Lets have a safe and enjoyable summer, and as always thank you for your support.

C. George Wolsleben
     Chief of Security



Security Update
Spring 2024
So much for a quiet winter.  Between blizzards and Burglars, it has been a crazy couple of months.  But the snow has melted, and the burglar is in jail, so I guess we can put the winter in the “WIN” column.  I have made the repairs to the patrol truck from the workout it got during the snowstorms, to the tune of around $3500, so far.  The burglary investigations took a significant amount of time and work, but working with the Sheriff’s Office, Fremont Police Department, and the Nebraska State Patrol, we arrived a positive conclusion.  Now it is just a matter of getting through the prosecution and court process.  Over the winter I have been working on a new secondary patrol vehicle, a Ford Expedition, and have retired the Chevy Tahoe.  It will not be long, and I will be pulling the patrol boat out of storage and prepping it for another summer season.  We will be hosting a Safety Fair at the Community Center on May 25th, Memorial Day Weekend.  We will have the Sheriff’s Office’s from Saunders and Dodge County, Fremont Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol, and Nebraska Game and Parks, as well as the Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Agencies in attendance.  A multitude of other agencies and organizations will also have displays and information tables present, as well as food and drinks for those in attendance.  I would like to encourage everyone to come out and participate and observe the various demonstrations, such as K-9, Rescue, and Air Unit.  There will be plenty of “give aways”, and we may have some raffles as well.  Please come out and meet all the people and agencies responsible for saving lives and keeping our communities safe.  
It’s also time for residents to start thinking about getting prepared for another summer season.  Check your watercraft and make sure they are up to date on registrations, both State and Woodcliff.  Make sure you inspect the required equipment on your watercraft and make sure the fire extinguishers are up to date and serviceable.  Check your PDS’s and make sure they are serviceable as well, no rips, tears, or missing buckles.  Check your ATVs and golf carts for lot numbers and Woodcliff Decals.   Let’s have another safe and enjoyable summer.  As always, thank you for your cooperation and support.


Winter 2023

Another year almost in the books.  I am in the process of making plans for the Spring of 2024.  The Boater Safety Classes will be on Sundays this year, May 5th and the 12th, 9am to 3pm, at the Community Center.  Rather than do the ATV Safety Day we will be changing it up and doing a Safety Fair at the Community Center on May 25th, 10 to 2pm, Memorial Day Weekend.  We hope to have several agencies represented to include the Nebraska State Patrol, Nebraska Game & Parks, the Saunders County Sheriff’s Office K-9 and Air Unit, Cedar Bluffs Fire/ Rescue, as well as Woodcliff Security, with equipment demonstrations and presentations.  Someone even recommended a dunk tank with yours truly being one of the targets, but I am not sure I am up for that.  The intent is to get everyone involved, kids and parents, and encourage interaction with all the different Emergency Services.  I will keep you posted as this plan comes together.
As you close up your cabins and go into winter mode, please remember to secure all of your “toys”, and let Security know if you are going to be away for an extended period of time so we can get you on the “house watch” list.  Let your neighbors know, and if you are a full-time resident, please keep an eye on your neighbor’s property.  Call Security if you observe anything unusual, or strange vehicles and people roaming about.  Have a great winter and be safe.
C. George Wolsleben
Chief of Security